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Wrought Iron Gazebo

wrought iron gazebo The first metal gazebo that we're about to talk about is the wrought iron gazebo.
Made out of supple and elegant iron, wrought iron is a material that is becoming quite popular when choosing for a metal gazebo.
Because it is a metal, this gazebo is indeed very strong and also it is perfectly useable as shelter and/or a roofing where vines and climbers can easily grow over.

Another nice feature of this metal gazebo are the details you can add to your gazebo.
Most gazebos are quite boring because they don't offer the possibility to add curly bars, pins, ... Also, a wrought iron gazebo can come in both rectangular and round shapes. Other gazebos mostly are quite rectangular.

Classical or modern metal gazebo

Most people think of wrought iron as old, classical and boring. However, choosing for wrought iron doesn't necessary need to buy a classical gazebo.

Wrought iron can be used to create all sorts of round forms, including other objects that can be added to the structure, and as you might know: round forms are -in most cases- more modern than the symetrical, rectangular forms from classical looking gazebos.

If you won't choose for too much add-ons, you'll definitely break the 'classic' look of the wrought iron gazebo.

We gathered some photos from both modern and classical wrought iron gazebos.

wrought iron gazebowrought iron gazebo
wrought iron gazebowrough iron gazebo

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the great and not so great features of wrought iron gazebos? Find out in this checklist!

- Wrought iron is a metal and thus very strong, elastic and stable.
- A gazebo out of wrought iron is elegant and refined. Most other materials that are used for gazebos are thicker and skids and beams are needed.
- Since wrought iron is a non-natural product, you won't need to spend too much time on maintenance.
- We said it before, but with wrought iron you've got way more options and features than most other materials.

- Wrought iron is very expensive. Wrought iron gazebos made to measure are practically non-existent. And since handiwork is quite expensive, you can be sure that a wrought iron gazebo won't be one of the cheaper options.
- Wrought iron is a metal, and metal is heavy... This can prove to be an issue while placing it.