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Steel gazebo

steel gazebo The second metal that we're about to discover is steel.
A gazebo made out of steel is sustainable, modern and has a lot of possibilities.

Steel is less used to make gazebos that have round forms.
With a steel gazebo, you can expect rectangular forms, mostly used to provide shelter and not so much as a decorative element such as wrought iron.

A gazebo made out of steel doesn't necessarily need to be fully made of this metal. Most people choose a steel roofing, but posts from another material like timber or aluminum.

Steel gazebo possibilities

Whether your choice goes to a steel gazebo or pergola, or a patio roof, steel offers a lot of possibilities.
To make a construction out of steel is always a good idea, since it's such a strong metal. Another advantage of steel is that it comes in a lot of -painted already!- colours.

You can choose to have a gazebo made fully out of steel. The posts and roofing will then be weld together as one unit. Another popular option is to choose for a partly steel gazebo.
The posts and beams are often made out of steel, but the roofing is made out of a different material. The opposite is of course also possible.

Here are some nice pictures of examples of steel gazebos:

steel gazebosteel gazebo
steel gazebosteel gazebo

Advantages and disadvantages

Too bad steel doesn't only have advantages...
We summed up all of the convenient and less convenient features of steel:

- One of the strongest metals is definitely steel! Steel has a high strength/weight ratio.
- If there is something wrong with your steel gazebo, it can be replaced easily. Steel is a material that is easily fixed.
- Like most other metals, steel also has the advantage that it's very low maintenance.
- A lot of possibilities. Steel is easily painted over, and if you'd like to overgrow it with plants, that is also an option.

- Steel is a very expensive metal.
- Steel is a pretty heavy metal. During the building of your gazebo, this can prove to be annoying.
- If you choose a gazebo with a metal roofing, be aware that it'll make a lot of sound when rain or hail stars pouring down on the gazebo.