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Aluminum gazebo

aluminum gazebo The third metal gazebo is the aluminum gazebo.
This light-weight metal is ideal to use for gazebos, pergolas and patio roofs!
It's one of the most used materials for gazebos and other roofings because it's got a very lang losting durability, it's strong and looks good in any garden.

Just like you could find out the possibilities and advantages and disadvantages of other metal gazebos, you'll find out all of this, but this time for the aluminum gazebo.

Aluminum gazebo possibilities

Again, you have a lot of possibilities with this metal gazebo.
Since aluminum is such a light weight material, you have even more possibilities.

Very popular are the aluminum gazebos with a gable roof, but more modern are the perfectly rectangular aluminum gazebos.

Most people tend to combine an aluminum construction with a shade cloth as roof. Don't forget that you'll have to store away this cloth once the weather doesn't allow you to sit outside anymore.

We gathered some nice looking aluminum gazebos. Perhaps you'll find your dream gazebo being one of the following!

aluminum gazeboaluminum gazebo
aluminum gazeboaluminum gazebo

Advantages and disadvantages

If you're not sure what gazebo you'd like to take, we'd like to help you by giving the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum gazebos.
We give these advantages and disadvantages in every article, about the different materials, so always compare so you know what material seems most appealing to you.

- Probably the easiest material to build with is aluminum. It's a very light, but strong material.
- There's almost no maintenance necessary with an aluminum gazebo. Aluminum doesn't rot, doesn't attract insects and mold won't even come near to aluminum.
- If some other metals are left untreated, they start to rust. Aluminum is perfectly resistant against all types of rust.
- Just like all the other metals, an aluminum gazebo can be welded together. Screws and bolts are not always necessary.
- An aluminum gazebo lasts a long, long time.

- Aluminum is a metal, and as you might know: all metals are quite expensive.
- The appearance doesn't appeal to everyone. It mostly comes in grayish colors.